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Our Commitment

Core Values

The John W. Engeman Theater is committed to creating an organization that deeply values and draws strength from the many and varied stories and storytellers that make up our society. We will work to create a community that at its core is rooted in inclusion, diversity, equity and access.

We hold these core values:

  • Equity + Inclusion

  • Integrity + Curiosity

  • Courage + Collaboration

  • Accountability + Leadership


The following principles anchor this work:

Accountability: We acknowledge our place in the theatre landscape and the privilege that we have within it. We commit to using that privilege to combat acts of oppression and break down barriers to access.

Curiosity: We will cultivate a spirit of curiosity that encourages people to inquire, disrupt and participate.

Growth: We recognize that everyone has a unique entry point to this continuing conversation. There will be moments when we fail but we vow to learn from those failures. We will all be teachers and students at different points in the process.

Empathy: We will create a culture of trust where it is possible to value each other’s perspectives with openness and compassion.


We acknowledge that there will always be more work to do in the areas of inclusion, diversity, equity and access. We invite you to take this journey with us by:

Staying engaged
Speaking your truth
Listening actively and compassionately
Being willing to experience discomfort
Expecting non-closure

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