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Alice takes a tumble down an enchanted rabbit hole to an off-kilter world of mock turtles, dancing flora, punctual rabbits, and mad tea parties. Playing cards hold court, and nothing is as it seems in this land where whimsy and wordplay are the order of the day. Will Alice be able to find her footing in this bizarre place? More importantly, will she ever figure out how to get home?

Christina Cotignola

as Knave of Hearts


as The Mock Turtle

Jae Hughes

as Mad Hatter

Jacob Lesko

as Dodo Bird/Five of Hearts

William Logan

as The March Hare/
King Of Hearts/Tweedle Dum


as Queen of Hearts/
Caucus Race Animal

Patrick McCowen

as White Rabbit

Daniel Saulle

as The Dormouse/
Two of Hearts

Natalie Seus

as Alice

Jillian Sharpe

as Cheshire Cat/
Seven of Hearts

Terrence Sheldon

as The Caterpillar

Allison Vallario

as Tweedle Dee/Loreena/
Caucus Race Animal

Nancy Fallon

as u/s Alice

Nicki Winzelberg

as u/s Queen of Hearts

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